Over 100 years with easter

Hjem » Over 100 years with easter

We are looking forward to lighter and warmer days with slushy snow and yellow colors wherever you can see. That’s easter on the mountain!

We are preparing for a fully booked hotel at Dr. Holms Hotel. The hotel is decorated with yellow colors and flowers sprouting in reflection with the hotel’s white cladding. Easter has been celebrated for over 100 years at Geilo and at Dr. Holms Hotel. It’s a place for everyone. Slaatta Skicenter which is located 100 meters away from the hotel, is having several kids activities and easter competitions for all ages. Several artists are visiting Dr. Holms Hotel to entertain for apres ski and live music at the classic Skibar. Easter on the mountain has a special atmosphere that offers both enjoyment and festivities. 

The Skibar is the heart of Dr. Holms Hotel through the easter where the locals, the cabins and the tourists get together. It’s located on the first floor and is decorated with old objects from different eras. You can especially see objects from the war, from hunting and from sports on the walls. 

Come to the mountains and to our beautiful white palace, Dr. Holms Hotel, which shines in the sun and is decorated with yellow easter colors. Welcome!

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