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At Dr. Holms there is a long tradition of celebrating Christmas. Unlike several other hotels, Dr. Holms stays open during Christmas. Christmas time is one of the busiest seasons at the hotel. What attracts visitors to the hotel is manyfold. It might be the serving of Christmas food and the shellfish buffet, the calming atmosphere, the Christmas decorations, or the activities, or maybe it is the combination of the whole experience.

We decorate with Christmas ornaments wherever there is space available, plus a little more. The decorations start outside the building, but it is the main entrance area that is the most spectacular. The Christmas decorations above the banister in the stairwell and the magnificent Christmas tree standing next to it are classical and traditional. Further inside, the fireplace is decorated with lovely Christmas decorations and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
The Christmas music on the radio makes the experience complete.

Christmas traditions and activities are important at the hotel. The Christmas breakfast is served from 07.00. Then the famous film “Three wishes for Cinderella” is shown, according to tradition. Christmas porridge is served, Christmas films are screened, and the Christmas Gospel is read before the Christmas Eve celebrations begins. Walking around the Christmas tree, singing and dancing are cherished Christmas traditions at the hotel. The Christmas dinner at Dr. Holms Hotel includes a wide selection of traditional Christmas food, and everything from shellfish to traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes like pinnekjøtt and ribbe are on the menu. There should be something for everyone and maybe that’s why the food is so tasty. Perhaps Santa Claus will also visit to hand out Christmas gifts. The atmosphere is amazing.

Geilo as a destination is also cherished at Christmas. Sleigh riding with a horse and sledge, and winter horse riding are perfect ways to enjoy the winter landscape. Sleigh riding is one of Geilo’s winter classics and has been organised by Geilo Horse Center for several decades. Before Christmas, Geilo welcomes winter with a Christmas market to announce the beginning of the magical and atmospheric Christmas celebrations in the mountain.

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