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The art of cooking

Over the years, guests have visited Dr. Holms with the same table reservation every year and with a view of the orchestra and the dance floor in the Balustrade. The Balustrade is today called the Salongen. It is just one of many premises in this grand palace.

The room called Christian is probably the most remarkable space in the building, as it is named after Dr. Christian Lund Holm himself, the man who established Dr. Holm’s Sanatorium. On the other hand, we have Biblioteket (the Library), which is probably our most beautiful room with more than 2,000 books at our guests’ disposal. The library is often called the “living room of the house” or “the heart of the house” because of its calming and reassuring atmosphere.

When it comes to the serving of food at Dr. Holms Hotel, anyone who knows Dr. Holms can probably agree that Christmas time is the main attraction. Dr. Holms is a Christmas hotel and is best known for the Christmas dinners. The Christmas and shellfish buffets have been popular for several years and will continue to be served in the future as well. This can largely be attributed to the prestigious head chef Tora Skjærveland. She is called a royal food artist as she has served King Olav on several occasions. In 1960, the capital’s newspapers were able to announce that Dr. Holm’s great chef was to become the new head chef in the Royal Kitchen in Oslo. Among her dishes, the sildebord with 40 different herring recipes is probably the most famous, and far beyond Geilo. Not only is the herring famous, but the mountain trout is just as popular. At Geilo the trout came fresh straight from the river and was served on the same day. Her French style cuisine with delicious small dishes is also well known and comes from the cold buffet studies she undertook in Denmark. What is the secret? Tora herself says that only the best is enough.

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