Born at Dr. Holms Hotel


Christian was born at Dr. Holms Hotel and the birth came unecpectedly for both the parents and the hotel itself. As a gift from the owners of the hotel, Christian got a giftcard for free stay at Dr. Holms Hotel. He is today 34 years old and still have a special bond to Geilo and to Dr. Holms Hotel.

Christian was born at Dr. Holms Hotel.

The 12th of 1989 turned into a more dramatic day than expected. The couple stayed at Dr. Holms Hotel, but it got a sudden turn when the birth was in progress and ended with a rushing ambulance ride to Drammen Hospital. Christian was born 7 weeks before term to both the parents and the staff at Dr. Holms Hoteks shock. The birth went well despite the circumstances and Christian is in good hands. He is now 34 years old and still has a good relation to the hotel he was born at. Himself thinks is fun with a different birth history than others.

Christian got a giftcard saying he freely can stay at Dr. Holms Hotel from the previous owners. Later, he have used the giftcard a few times and we think its great to see him everytime. Christian also has a good relation to Geilo as a destination, because his parents have a cabin in  the area. Therefore he and his parents often visit Geilo and Dr. Holms Hotel, and he is already looking forward to the next time as he says himself.

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