Everyone here at Dr. Holms is proud to be part of the hotel’s history. It dates back 110 years. Guests have visited for skiing, the pure mountain air and relaxation. Here, many weddings have been hosted, as well as large gala dinners, and families have enjoyed spending time together. As a place in the mountains with something for everyone, Dr. Holms has been part of creating great memories.

Our hotel has become bigger over the years, with the addition of a wellness center, sports bar, bowling and a state of the art conference center. With all these new facilities, we have now become a true mountain resort hotel that proudly caters guests from all over the world – without losing our unique identity.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you here at Dr. Holms Hotel!

On behalf of all the staff,

Frank Rasmussen
Managing Director

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Our history

  • 1909

    The hotel opened

    Doctor Ingebrikt Christian Holm was a specialist in respiratory diseases. In 1909, he capitalised on his knowledge and founded Dr. Holms Høifjeldshotel. In the beginning, Dr. Holms Hotel was a sanatorium for pale Christiania and Bergen natives who benefitted from the fresh mountain air.

  • 1916

    Sold to Norsk Hotelcompagnie

    (Norway’s first hotel chain, owned by the Bergen Steamship Company and Fred Olsen) In 1916, Dr. Holms left the hotel, and the following year it was sold to Hotelcompagnie a/s. Dr. Holms’ former sanatorium became a magnet for well-to-do families from Oslo and Bergen, as well as nobles from Denmark and England. Celebrities such as Knut Hamsun and Sonja Henie visited regularly, and formed the basis for the hotel’s attraction of domestic and international VIPs.


  • 1940

    Occupied by the Germans

    For the entire duration of World War II, the hotel was occupied by the Germans. Thankfully, the Norwegian resistance movement assumed control in May 1945 and made Dr. Holms their temporary headquarters.

  • 1945

    New management, same owners as before the war

    With the arrival of the Danes in 1975, big and small scandals followed. Danish celebrities and playboys held wild parties that did not exactly improve the hotel’s reputation. Artwork went missing, guests moved to Geilo Hotel and the Danish hotel manager was arrested for fraud.


  • 1979

    Celebrities take over

    Celebrities take over (Toralv Maurstad, Christian Mohn, Alf Muller).

  • 1982

    New owner: Petter Olsen

    In 1979, the hotel was acquired by a Norwegian investor group, but already in 1982 the hotel was sold to Petter Olsen. Olsen since received considerable praise for his hotel management. Après-ski on Saturdays was especially popular, with queues extending far beyond the hotel with people hoping to enter.


  • 1987

    Erik Sande takes over the hotel

    In 1987, entrepreneur Erik Sande took over the hotel and in November 1988, the new Dr. Holms Hotel was opened, refurbished for NOK 230 million. However, the hotel did not become the success it was expected to be and it was therefore eventually put up for sale.

  • 1993

    Kredittkassen takes over

    In March, Kredittkassen took over, and a lawyer from Kredittkassen managed the hotel until 1 September 1993. New management took over from 1 September 1993 and continued under new ownership until 1 January 1994.


  • 1994

    The family-owned company Fische ASA takes over

    In January 1994, the family-owned company Fische ASA from Trondheim takes over, represented by Stig Fische. The company’s main business areas are real estate, boats, outdoor recreation and diving equipment. The management that was established under Kredittkassen continues, ushering in a new, flourishing chapter in Dr. Holms’ history.

  • 1999

    90 years of business

    Dr. Holms celebrates 90 years of business in Geilo.


  • 2005

    Expansion and continued development

    Based on a steadily growing demand for unique and distinctive products, Dr. Holms Hotel began an expansion of its experiences on offer and continued the development of the hotel.  The hotel now offers even more options, including for spa and wellness, bowling and, not least, more varied food and beverage experiences. In the winter of 2006/2007, the expansion was completed and Dr. Holms Hotel now has a new and modern look and is one of Scandinavia’s most complete resort hotels. The hotel is steeped in history, the atmosphere is pleasant and warm and the surroundings are beautiful and classic. The hotel takes pride in its guests being well looked after.

  • 2009

    100 years

    ‘The hotel with nine lives’” – The hotel has survived changing times and weathered many a storm.  There is probably no other mountain hotel that represents this much Norwegian history.


  • 2012

    Property investment

    In August 2012, Frydenbø Eiendom AS, Berland Invest AS and Nallow AS, all from Bergen, acquired all shares in Dr. Holms Hotel AS from Fische ASA. The acquisition is a property investment that has been made via the company Holms Utviklling AS. The name is indicative of the intentions of the company: to preserve and further develop the hotel and the surrounding areas.

  • 2016

    New apartment building

    In December 2016, Dr. Holms Hotel expanded with a new apartment building adjacent to the hotel. The unit consists of 24 flats, and the hotel also gained 8 new suites.


  • 2017

    Comprehensive refurbishment

    In March 2017, 50-percent owners Frydenbø Eiendom, owned by Knut Herman Gjøvaag and family, acquired 100 percent of the shares. Gjøvaag then sold 50 percent of the shares to Erling Falch Monsen’s family-owned company Bergen Hotell Gruppen. Until 2014, Falch Monsen ran three hotels in central Bergen before he sold one, and management of all three, to the Scandic chain. He still owns the properties for Scandic Bergen City and Scandic Neptun. The plan is to build, develop and reinvest in the hotel. In autumn 2017, a comprehensive refurbishment of the hotel began. In spring 2018, most of the room will have been reinvigorated, along with corridors and common areas.

    Welcome to Dr. Holms

    Dr. Holms has been a natural meeting place for mountain hikers since it opened in 1909. Located
    in the middle of central Geilo, the hotel is close to activities and experiences, both summer and