About Dr. Holms Hotel


The hotel is opened – at the same time as the railway between Oslo and Bergen (Bergensbanen).

Doctor Ingebrikt Christian Holm was a specialist in respiratory diseases. In 1909 he put his knowledge into action and established Dr. Holms Hotel.

In the beginning Dr. Holms Hotel was a of retreat for pale inhabitants of Bergen and Oslo who embraced the fresh mountain air.


Sold to the Norwegian Hotelcompagnie

(Norway’s first hotel chain, owned by Bergenske Dampskibselskab and Fred Olsen (shipping companies)).

In 1916 Dr. Holm left the hotel, and the year after it was taken over by Norsk Hotelcompagnie Ltd. Dr. Holms formerly a health retreat became a magnet for wealthy families from Oslo and Bergen, and upper class individuals from Denmark and England. Well known people like Knut Hamsun (author), and Sonja Hennie (Olympic champion figure skater) were frequent visitors, and made the foundation for the hotel’s attractiveness for national and international VIPs.

1940 – 1945

Under German occupation.

The hotel was under German control for the entire 5 years of WWII, however the resistance took over Dr. Holms during May of 1945, and temporarily made the hotel its headquarters.

1945 – 1975

New start, same owners as prior to the war.

In the trace of the Danish invasion (1975: Geilo was a very popular spot for both Danish workers and tourists at this point in time) came big and small scandals. Danish celebrities and highly profiled businessmen had crazy parties which began to reflect badly on the Hotel’s reputation. Art pieces disappeared, the seminar guests moved to Geilo Hotel, and the Danish hotel manager was caught for fraudulent activities.

1979 – 1982

Celebrities take over as owners.

(Toralv Maurstad (actor), Christian Mohn (former president of the Norwegian Ski Federation NSF), and Alf Müller (Owner of Müller hotels).

1982 – 1987

New owner: Petter Olsen

The hotel was bought by an investor group in 1979, but was sold as early as 1982 to Petter Olsen. Mr. Olsen has later gotten a lot of acknowledgement and compliments for his time as an owner of Dr. Holms, the after skiing on Saturdays were especially popular, with line-ups far beyond the hotel doors.

1987 – 1994

In 1987 the hotel was bought by the successful entrepreneur Erik Sande, and in November of 1988 the new Dr. Holms Hotel was opened – after reconstructions of 230 million kroners (or approximately 28 million Euro). Regardless the hotel became a huge money drain without any form of cost control – managers came and went – and by the end of it the bank put the hotel up for sale.


In March Kredittkassen (now Nordea) buys the hotel on the spot, a lawyer with hotel knowledge runs the business until September 1, 1993.

New management took over from this date, and continued with a new owner until January 1, 1994.


In January 1994, the family-run company Fische ASA in Trondheim, led by Stig Fische, take over.

The company’s main domains are property, boats, leisure- and diving equipment. The management that was established under Kreditkassen remains, and now, Dr. Holms embarks on a new and flourishig chapter in its history.


Dr Holms Hotel celebrates 90 years of operation in Geilo.

2005 – 2006

As a consequence of an increasing demand for unique and distinctive products, a grand-scale expansion of several activity facilities, as well as further development of the hotel is initiated. Dr. Holms Hotel now offers even more facilities, counting spa and comfort, bowling and (last, but not least) a more varied selection of gastronomical experiences.

The expansion reached completion during the winter of 2006/2007, and Dr. Holms Hotel appears in its new and contemporary apparel – one of Scandinavia’s most comprehensive resort hotels. History is imprinted in the walls, the atmosphere is pleasant and warm and the surroundings beautiful and classical. The hotel takes pride in taking good care of its guests.


Dr. Holms Hotel celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2009!

”The Hotel of Nine Lives” – The hotel has survived changing epochs, enduring gusts of wind of hurricane strength. There is hardly another mountain resort hotel that represents as much Norwegian history as Dr Holms.


In August 2012 took Frydenbø Estate AS, Berland Invest AS and Nallow AS, all from Bergen, all shares of Dr. Holms Hotel AS from Fische ASA. The acquisition is a property investment and are made through the company Holms AS. The name tells us something about the intent of the company: to preserve and develop the hotel and surrounding areas on.

Dr. Holms Hotel and Frydenbø excited to embark on the future together, and will continue to place emphasis on service, quality and exceptional guest experiences.


In december 2016, Dr. Holms Hotel expanded with a new apartment building in connection with the hotel. The building consists of 24 apartments. The hotel also received 8 new suites.

Art and Antiques

Throughout the nearly 100 year long history of the hotel, a number of pieces of art have been collected, of which we have come to understand that our guests are and have been greatly curious. Because of this interest, we have chosen to make a catalogue of most of our art in this booklet, which we hope that the interested guest will find enjoyable.
The origins of some of the pieces have been difficult to locate. We apologize and ask for your understanding when it comes to missing information and possible mistakes.

Decorations and art have always been an important aspect of Dr Holms Hotel. Tastes and styles have come and gone, along with the hotel’s many owners. However, even today, there is art from different periods here. It is our hope that this booklet will never become complete, as one would like a constant renewal of both our art and our antiques, for the pleasure of our guests.

In order to make an “art reconnaissance” as easily accessible as possible for the interested guest, paintings and objects are sorted as follows, after the hotel’s different areas.
Ask the reception if You would like to borrow a catalouge.

Biography- Håkon Gullvåg (b. 1959)
was born and raised in Trondheim, Norway. Already at 16 years old he attended the Art School of Trondheim (renamed Trondheim Art Academy in 1977). The works from Gullvåg’s youth bear witness to an early maturity, both formally and with regard to content. He boldly experimented in various directions, both abstract and figurative, yet from the end of the 1970s the figurative expression reined supreme. Read more about him here…


Dr. Holms Hotel has 124 rooms. All rooms and common area are smoke free.

  • Lounge – 140 seats
  • Library – 45 seats
  • Ski bar – 120 seats
  • Recepten Pub – 180 seats
  • Main restaurant – 400 seats
  • Wine cellar – 70 seats
  • Christian – 50 seats