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Art and Antiques
Throughout the nearly 100 year long history of the hotel, a number of pieces of art have been collected, of which we have come to understand that our guests are and have been greatly curious. Because of this interest, we have chosen to make a catalogue of most of our art in this booklet, which we hope that the interested guest will find enjoyable.
The origins of some of the pieces have been difficult to locate. We apologize and ask for your understanding when it comes to missing information and possible mistakes.
Decorations and art have always been an important aspect of Dr Holms Hotel. Tastes and styles have come and gone, along with the hotel’s many owners. However, even today, there is art from different periods here. It is our hope that this booklet will never become complete, as one would like a constant renewal of both our art and our antiques, for the pleasure of our guests.
In order to make an “art reconnaissance” as easily accessible as possible for the interested guest, paintings and objects are sorted as follows, after the hotel’s different areas.
Ask the reception if You would like to borrow a catalouge.

Biography-  Håkon Gullvåg (b. 1959)
was born and raised in Trondheim, Norway. Already at 16 years old he attended the Art School of Trondheim (renamed Trondheim Art Academy in 1977). The works from Gullvåg’s youth bear witness to an early maturity, both formally and with regard to content. He boldly experimented in various directions, both abstract and figurative, yet from the end of the 1970s the figurative expression reined supreme. Read more about him here...
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